Fragrance List

All scents are not available at one time on our website but can be order through our special-order page. We add stock to the website every week, If you don’t see a fragrance you want please contact us at and we will get it.  

Black Cherry has a sweet blend of ripe black cherries and orange peel with a pinch of spicy clove and cinnamon.

Cedar: will make your room feel cozy. Fragrance Notes: A warm earthy scent of cedar with vanilla and musk.

Cherry Sweet and fruity scent of cherry.  Fragrance Notes: A fresh cherry scent.

Christmas Tree captures the of Christmas morning magic all season long with a delightful pine aroma, and subtle wood tones support classic pine notes for a fragrance.

Cinnamon Candy Fragrance Notes: An aroma just like the little cinnamon candies!

Cinnamon Buns gives a warm cinnamon bun fresh baked and drizzled with vanilla icing fragrance just like when baked at home.

Cinnamon and Vanilla is what you want. It is different from our cinnamon family, this one has the full-bodied scent of spicy cinnamon mixed with the sweet and creaminess of vanilla.

Citrus Fragrance Notes: A blend of oranges, tangerines, grapefruit, and peaches

Clean Cotton Find yourself wrapped in the nostalgic aroma of clean sheets that were hung dried on a breezy day. Clean Cotton candles creates a lovely ambiance that will freshen any room. This fragrance oil is infused with natural essential oils, including lemon.

Coconut Lime is the perfect summer refresher with zesty lime and creamy coconut which makes this classic scent irresistible.

Cool Citrus Basil has a refreshing blend of citrus and herbs with top notes of lemon and airy ozone. The heart blends geranium and sweet basil. The dry down is a sheer musk.

Country Clothesline Fragrance Notes: Lined dried cotton with green notes, florals, and a hint of lemon.

Cranberry Marmalade is a luscious blend of tart cranberries, spiced apples, and fresh California orange peel.

Crème Brulee has a traditional base of vanilla custard with a hint of caramelized sugar.

Cypress and Bayberry brings the ambience of pristine woods into your home and adds a brisk, woodland touch to any space.

Eucalyptus: Gives you a camphoraceous aroma which is that clean, sharp, slightly medicinal smell you notice when you smell the candle. It also creates a stimulating scent to awaken the senses.

Fruit Slices fragrance oil is a mouthwatering array of citrus fruits and grapefruit.

Honeysuckle There is variety in honeysuckle flowers, 180 different varieties around the world. However, this honeysuckle is an intoxicating fragrance that awakens your senses no matter where you are. Fragrance Notes: Accords of spicy rose and sweet jasmine blanket the warm blossoms of sun-kissed honeysuckle. 

Honeysuckle Jasmine is all things Southern, bright and lively with just the right amount of softness and warmth.

Hot Apple Pie you get a hint of peach and almond which enhance the smell of fresh baked apple pie.

Juniper Breeze candle has a scent that is a smooth fusion dewy floral, succulent fruits balanced with a splash of wood and pine. It has an outdoor fragrance that smells like a crisp, earthy summer breeze all year long.

Lavender give the feeling of an enchanting meadow fringed with sprigs of lavender.

Mango and Papaya has an uplifting blend of sun-kissed mango and papaya. It will make feel at home and on the beach.

Mistletoe is a festive pine scent with top notes of fir needle and apple. The heart of the fragrance is Siberian pine and berry.

Mom's Baby Powder brings you back home with the soft, soothing fragrance of baby powder. Freshen up your baby's room, relive those special moments of innocence, or just love the clean scent our Moms Baby Powder fragrance is beautifully strong, fresh and clean and smells like you just powdered a freshly bathed baby! Fragrance Notes: Dewey rose, and geranium are highlighted by subtle anise and bergomot, nestled in a pillow of white musk. 

Red Rose captures the essence of a rose garden in peak bloom which begins with an outstanding floral experience with faint notes of green leaves, lemon, and spice

Toasted Pumpkin Spice fragrance oil will remind you of autumn festivals, pumpkin carving, and bonfires and a base of smoked embers.

Vanilla Hazelnut has a mouthwatering blend of toasted hazelnuts and creamy vanilla. Cinnamon Stick fragrance is a full bodied and, richly spiced cinnamon which is true to smell of whole cinnamon stick and has a strong woody scent can stand on its own or blend with other fragrances for an added twist such as Cinnamon leaf and toasted nutmeg to start.

Very Vanilla with its intense vanilla aroma and touch of cream make it year after year reign supreme as the bestselling candle fragrance.

Wintergreen has a mentholated aroma with a clean and minty scent of this herbal oil is associated with relieving pain and stimulating mental Fragrance notes: A crisp, fresh minty scent.